DiagBox 8.01 Installation

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Installing DiagBox 8.01
This procedure and the software provided are intended for personal, educational and experimental use to install DiagBox 8.01 and related updates. I hold no responsibility for any illegal or improper usage. Carry out this procedure at your own risk.

Links for all required software, updates and tools are in the attachments.

Preparation for Installing DiagBox 8.01 on Notebooks and VMWare Workstation
- Starting with any (32 bit) Windows (preferably XP or 7), install .NET 3.51 and Windows drivers or VMWare Tools (if on VMWare Workstation or Player).

Preparation for Installing DiagBox 8.01 on VirtualBox
- Having installed 32 bit Windows + VirtualBox Guest Additions + .NET 3.51
- Close VirtualBox and start an administrator’s CMD, navigate to « C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\ » and execute the following command:
C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox>VBoxManage setextradata « Your VM » « VBoxInternal/Devices/pcbios/0/Config/DmiSystemSerial » « System Serial« 
(Replace « 
Your VM » with Virtual Machine’s name, and « System Serial » with hardware’s serial or any text such as « DIAGBOX8«  )

Installing DiagBox 8.01
1- Install DiagBox 7.01 and restart DiagBox to run update 7.02. Install update 7.xx-7.57 (this will create the required file « C:\AWRoot\dtwr\cfg\Config.sys »).
2- Install « VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package », a copy will be available in « C:\teleassistance\visualC\vcredist_x86.exe » after installing DiagBox.
3- Restart the computer and use “Kill_DiagBox_Tasks.bat” to stop related processes and rename « C:\AWRoot » to « C:\AWRoot7″ 
4- Run DiagBox 8.01 installation (it will uninstall v7.xx first) until it requests Activation. Close it (X) and run the tool « AWRoot_v7_Conf+Ativation_v8.exe » it will copy configuration from « C:\AWRoot7\.. » and inject the necessary files.
5- Run DiagBox again, it should continue the installation successfully.

Done !,

Restart DiagBox 8.01 as Administrator to confirm all is well (don’t be concerned about the reported version and do not start Lexia or PP2000 yet). If you face an issue, run the activation tool again and/or review « Versions » below.

If DiagBox runs fine, ensure you keep a backup copy of the file “C:\AWRoot\bin\fi\APPDIAG.SYS” in a safe location.

Installing Updates
1- Download and install « DiagBox_updt_802.ISO » update.
2- Download and install subsequent v8.xx updates or Maitresox updates (from 7.66+).

The order of the version lines and which one is active in VERSION.INI is important for the correct running of the system. DiagBox will display 08.01 if set as shown below. But Lexia will NOT work with the line (version=08.xx) in « version.ini » (xx is the version number depending on which update is applied). 

If Lexia is started with « version=08.01″ in Version.ini not commented, « APPDIAG.SYS » will be corrupted and it will need to be restored before DiagBox will work again. To operate Lexia (after starting DiagBox with 8.xx), edit « version.ini » and comment « version=08.xx » (by inserting « ; » as shown below) and save BEFORE starting LEXIA.

Setting « version.ini » to 07.xx (by removing or commenting « version=8.xx » permanently) before starting DiagBox, will prompt DiagBox to report V 07.xx, but everything will work fine as version 8.xx..

- DiagBox v7 and v8 install and run on all x86 (32bit) Windows including XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (TH1, TH2, RS1 and RS2).
- Entering a System Serial for the Virtual Machine (as described above) resolves the « psaAagent.exe » and the missing tabs issue on VirtualBox.
- If you get « Error 2″ after restarting DiagBox, try commenting « version=8.xx » in « version.ini » before restarting DiagBox again. 

P.S. DiagBox has been running on Firmware 4.3.4 since 7.66/8.02.

Enjoy; Simple.

This video is found on the internet, I do not know who made it, but it is quite descriptive of the process.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

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